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Author Visits

I love connecting with readers and writers through visits to schools, libraries, creative writing clubs, and/or book clubs! I offer both virtual and in-person visits. To contact me about scheduling a visit, please use my contact form.

Free classroom visit—25-minute reading and Q&A: I offer a select number of free 25-minute virtual visits per year. During these visits I’ll share briefly about myself, read a selection from my book, and answer questions from your students. Please have your students prepare questions in advance.

Free book club visit—30-minute reading and Q&A: I offer a select number of free 30-minute virtual visits per year for book clubs (children or adults!) who have read my book. During these visits I’ll introduce myself, read a selection from my book, and answer questions from book club members. These can be done on the video conferencing platform of your choice.

Author presentation—30-45 minutes: “The Music of Miracle” and Q&A: In this engaging author talk, I’ll share how growing up learning music influenced my book, Miracle. I share how I became an author and give a brief introduction into music theory (musical terminology with audio examples).

Writer Workshop: It’s All About Character—60-75 minutes: There’s no question that characters drive a story. In this writing workshop, author Karen Chow will guide writers to develop interesting characters, create active goals for them, and get into their heads, so readers will want to know more.

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“Karen was fantastic! I love when she talks about how many rejections she received before getting published. It’s eye-opening and so important for the kids to hear.” ~Cynthia McKeon, Librarian, Cortina Elementary

“Karen was informative but not didactic. She was very engaging. The students enjoyed this glimpse into the process of creating a book.” ~Sarah Chanis, Librarian, Kerr Elementary

“[Karen’s] presentation was engaging, informative, and truly insightful.” ~Sarah Schopmeyer, Librarian, Coronado Elementary

“[Karen’s] presentation was enjoyed by all of us. We felt like we were at a TED Talk! [She is] a gifted and natural speaker.” ~Maxe Wright, Counselor, Holy Spirit Catholic School


In person:

  • $200 for a writer workshop
  • $350 for a single author presentation
  • $600 for a half day
  • $1000 for a full day (up to 4 presentations)
  • (Plus travel costs if the school is more than an hour away.)


  • $100 for a single class period
  • $400 for a full day (up to 4 presentations)

If you’re teaching in a Title 1 school or need help with ideas to secure funding for an author visit, here’s a link for some suggestions.